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Successful physical therapy starts with a team that is passionate about what they do and about helping patients achieve relief from pain, improved function, and increased range of motion. At Physical Therapy in Motion Inc, our team in McDonough, GA is friendly, compassionate, and dedicated to giving patients a higher quality of life. Here, you’re so much more than just a patient. We establish a relationship of trust with you by getting to know you and helping you reach your goals. This trust is essential to creating personalized rehabilitation plans that lead to long-term results. Call us today

Physical Therapy in Motion team

Coy Leverette III, MPT


Coy Leverette, III, Owner and Director of Physical Therapy in Motion

Physical Therapy in Motion Inc is owned and directed by licensed physical therapist Coy Leverette III. Graduating with a BS in Microbiology from Howard University in 1989, Coy went on to graduate Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Health Science and also earned a MS degree in Physical Therapy, both in 1999, again from Howard University.

“When I started my career in physical therapy, my aim was to help people improve their lives through correction of movement dysfunction…I find physical therapy’s unique combination of science, art, and the hands-on nature of the profession compelling and most advantageous for the patient. I imagine each physical problem as a puzzle. And I believe it’s important to engage my patients, their families, and doctors in solving that puzzle with me.”

Coy is currently licensed in Georgia where he continues to practice as well as further his education. He has currently earned certifications in Peripheral Joint Mobilization, the Shoulder Complex, Successful Evaluation and Treatment of Low Back Pain, Manual Physical Therapy, and Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Foot and Ankle.

Our Staff

Travious M.B. Yette, Physical Therapy Aide at Physical Therapy in Motion
Travious M.B. Yette

Physical Therapy Aide

Wakeelah Shakoor, Office Manager at Physical Therapy in Motion
Wakeelah A. Shakoor

Office Manager

Shukurat Kazeem, Physical Therapy Assistant at Physical Therapy in Motion
Shukurat T. Kazeem

PTA (Staff/Physical Therapy Assistant)

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